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Joy Pettirossi-Poland
Founder and President Building Bridges 2012
Creator of the Charon System of Integration 
Charon Facilitator, Trainer and Integration Consultant

Joy has her BA in Psychology from Boston University and her Master of Science MS from Central Connecticut State University. Trained in Systemic Theory as a Marriage and Family Therapist her passion has revolved around bridging traditional approaches with holistic approaches to all forms of education, health and personal empowerment as well as creating new systems for raising awareness to the Bigger Picture behind our experiences. 

Professionally, Joy has also worked as a Business Consultant specializing in Buisness Development and Marketing for over 19 years.  

"My vision is to "bridge the gap" between the mainstream and the metaphysical, demonstrating how these principles and concepts affect us all and how we can utilize the information available to resolve our challenges and create our preferred reality."


Joy Pettirossi-Poland
(401) 714 7123

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