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About Joy Poland,
Building Bridges 2012 & its Mission

Joy Pettirossi-Poland, MS
Sustainable Business Models & Practice Development
Sustainable Investing & Impact Scoring
Creator ~ MVP (More Value Profit) Program™ Creator ~ Charon System of Integration™


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Joy has her BA in Psychology from Boston University and her Master of Science from Central Connecticut State University. Trained as a Systemic Therapist, her passion has revolved around bridging traditional approaches with holistic approaches for creating sustainable business, education and wellness models.

The Charon System of Integration,™ and the Cultural Stress Assessment™ which Joy created, are proprietary systems used in the consulting/coaching process. These facilitated systems help organizations, businesses and individuals identify and resolve challenges, facilitate growth and profitability, and attain personal empowerment.

Professionally, Joy has worked with Investment Advisors and CPA’s for over 25 years as an expert in business development strategies, brand differentiation, strategic alliance building and crafting CPE and professional development forums. In 2012 Joy created the MVP (More Value & Profit) ™ program designed to help CPAs and business owners create more profitable and sustainable businesses. In 2014 MVP in collaboration with Providence College launched the first “Intangibles Valuation Committee” Task Force through the Rhode Island State Society of CPAs – the first of its kind in the country.

“It's impossible to build a successful company now when a few are empowered and most are dis-empowered.”
~ Gary Hamel


XPX BOSTON Exit Planning Exchange
Designed and Delivered “How to Make Intangible Value Tangible"

Wharton School of Business
“New Metrics for Sustainable Business” Conference, Presented her MVP Program

MIT Sloan School of Management
Annual “Sustainable Investing Conference” Two Time Presenter

MIT Sustainable Business New Metrics Conference
(Sept. 2014)
Featured Building Bridges and HIP Investor’s collaborative 401(k) sustainability scoring

“It is impossible to have a successful society now when a few are empowered and most are dis-empowered.” This has become the true crises of “energy” we face now. The challenge for the 21 st century business model as well as our 21 st century educational system hinges directly upon the facilitation of empowerment and until these paradigms shift to one of supporting and cultivating the “energy” of empowerment they simply will not, they cannot thrive”.
~ Joy Pettirossi-Poland


Successful Business Succession & Transition Planning

Sustainable Business Models & What Drives Value

  • Creating a Sustainable CPA Practice Series - Building Additional Revenue Streams, Mechanisms for Exit Strategies & the Emergent Business Assessment
  • Integrating Financial Planning Services: Evaluating the Different Model's Strengths, Challenges & Transparency
  • Creating a Sustainable Business Model: The 7 Critical Fundamentals
  • Executive Coaching: Why Leadership Resonance, Emotional Intelligence, Human Consciousness and Stress Management directly affect your bottom line and how to use that information to grow your business and yourself.
  • Health & Wellness: "Main Toxins to Avoid" A comprehensive approach to developing a wellness program that reduces health care costs while facilitating emotional intelligence, employee engagement and employee empowerment.

In addition to business coaching Joy consults and volunteers for schools that are exploring how to build child-centric, experiential curriculums that integrate emotional intelligence and environmental literacy to better engage students, improve learning, increase cognitive performance and enhance overall wellness and empowerment.

Joy’s most recent education programs and collaborations include:

  • Head, Heart, Hands & Halo
  • Healing Trees Growing Children
  • The Main Toxins to Avoid that Affect Your Health, Your Weight & Children’s Ability to Learn
  • Anchoring the Heartmath Freeze Frame™ Technique into the 7 Senses
  • “Food Inc.” meets Heartmath's “Inside Story” meets “What the Bleep Do We Know” (High School)
  • Charon Retreat for Educators ~ Building the Bridges to Sustainable, Healthy, Top Performing Schools

Joy lives in Foster, RI with her husband Tim and their 12 year old son Jayce.

“Great thinkers have always been met with violent opposition from
mediocre minds”
~ Albert Einstein


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