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The Integrated Health and Wellness Department offers consultation and guidance to introduce appropriate holistic health modalities that can support traditional allopathic approaches. The different integrative approaches to facilitating wellness are consistent with the Building Bridges 2012 philosophy of integration and the understanding that ALL illness, disease and chronic symptomology have discord, imbalances, toxicity and de-valuation of self within the four primary levels of existence; Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Energetic (Spiritual). When these levels become blocked and unbalanced "dis-ease" manifests. Through the Charon process our practitioners work as a team drawing on their specific areas of expertise to create a holistic assessment and assist the individual in identifying blockages. The practitioners offer a multifaceted comprehensive program to address the issues of imbalances within the system to help the individual realign, balance, and self-heal. The Charon educational process stimulates thinking and shares ideas and modalities that the individual can explore as part of their process for self-healing and self-empowerment.

To facilitate wellness individuals need to have the opportunity to raise their level of awareness to the core issues that are making them sick and to integrate that new understanding on all levels of their being. Because our world is highly toxic the detoxification of the physical body is critical for restoring or maintaining health. The Charon premise for health is that people must be given the information to raise their level of awareness regarding integrative approaches for health as well as information regarding the toxins in our food supply and our products so they can make informed choices for their own health and well-being. These choices are the basis for our own health and self-empowerment. Once an individual takes full responsibility for their own choices and challenges health and self- empowerment is the result.

"The Charon System of Integration ™ was designed to address these issues at their core and promote the single most important component of health ~ Self-Empowerment. It is our belief that component alone will effect permanent, positive, healthy change in all of our human systems."

The consulting process addresses four specific areas for Assessment and Treatment Planning:  

Other Health and Wellness Based Consulting Programs and Resources:

MentalBelief Systems, definitions and patterns of thinking that are contributing to the manifestation of “dis-ease” and illness

Emotional – Emotional states, patterns of expression and repression that are contributing to the manifestation of “dis-ease” and illness

Physical* – Physical aspects, all levels of toxicity, nutrition deficiencies and allergies that are contributing to the manifestation of “dis-ease” and illness
*Works in conjunction with allopathic Doctor and Medicine.

SpiritualEnergetic components, miasms and the Bigger Picture that is contributing to the manifestation of “dis-ease” and illness


1. Deconstructing Limiting Belief Systems

2. Releasing Repressed Emotion and New Skills for Processing Emotion

3. The Main Toxins to Avoid Series

4. What the Bigger Picture Means within the context of “Dis-ease” and Illness












To find out more about process or to schedule an initial consultation please contact Joy Poland at joyppoland@aol.com or call (401) 397-5639.

“Integrative healing modalities that address all levels of existence and removing the toxins from the body, mind, emotions and spirit will be the only way to restore health and reverse “dis-ease” as we move toward 2012 and beyond.” Joy Pettirossi-Poland


This summer, in our annual cartoon contest, we asked you to choose the entry that best depicted the ways that special interests confuse the public and policy makers about scientific issues, delaying governmental action that would protect public health and the environment.  read more... then they click to below.

Nearly 17,000 UCS supporters answered the call. And in the end, John Klossner of South Berwick, Maine, won by just 111 votes. The winning cartoon will grace the cover of the 2012 Scientific Integrity calendar--order yours today: action.ucsusa.org/site/R?i=5lYxlp_lctbE0hCDKj9RpA
They're just $10 each and support the Union of Concerned Scientists and our work to defend science from political interference.

It's no surprise that this year's winning cartoon was most popular with UCS supporters given the current attacks on the Environmental Protection Agency's ability to control air pollution: action.ucsusa.org/site/R?i=b3149wCsiWd8aSGWBpTQ0g. And the assault on public protections is continuing in Congress, with reckless legislation that would severely curtail the ability of the government to carry out laws like the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act:

The second place cartoon addressed those who try to exaggerate scientific
uncertainty. See that cartoon and the others featured in the calendar.


Department Heads and Advisory Board Members


Barbara Schultz, RN, MSN, CNM
Barbara holds a Master of Science from Yale University in Maternal/Child Health, and is a Certified Nurse-Midwife. Barbara has been a Registered Nurse since 1975, and has varied and in depth experience utilizing allopathic medicine as treatment for illness. Additionally, Barbara has worked extensively with alternative and complementary therapies for the promotion and maintenance of health. Barbara's belief is “through restoration of inner harmony and balance self-healing results, the preservation of which is both a gift and a responsibility”. Barbara is an Integration Consultant with Building Bridges 2012, an executive on the Building Bridges Advisory Board consulting for the development of integrative Health Care Protocols and Energy Healing techniques and is a certified co-facilitator of the Charon System of Integration.

"Utilizing my vast experience and knowledge in the field of allopathic medicine combined with the Charon process and my expertise in an array of complementary healing modalities, enables me to assist each person, as a uniquely divine individual, to enhance their self-healing in all realms. Discovering and correcting areas of imbalance for each person can prevent or reverse illness, relieve discomfort and promote relaxation. Finding this balance and recognizing the power for change within each individual, is the key to health and happiness."


William Getman, RN , Director of Education, Energy Practitioner
William Getman is a nurse currently practicing at Griffin Hospital in Derby where he works in the Intensive Care Unit. Although his daily practice is in allopathic medicine, his passion is healing. To heal means to make whole and since energy is the next larger context for any physical object, energy medicine is required to complement the allopathic interventions that current medical practice dictates if healing is to occur. This is true whether that object is a human body or whether it is the land itself and all of the various life forms associated with and residing on that land. As part of his work in nursing, Bill performs Therapeutic Touch with the patients under his care as part of the extended services offered by Griffin Hospital. In addition, at the request of the hospital, he has recently completed an energetic clearing of the land on which Griffin is built in order to strengthen the healing qualities of the patient environment.

In addition to nursing and energy work, Bill's passion includes teaching metaphysics. In this context, he focuses on ways in which the individual can access his own knowledge of the truth in ways that will facilitate the practical conduct of daily life and the solution of personal problems.

Bill is an executive on the Building Bridges Advisory Board consulting for the development of Integrative Health Care Protocols and Energy and Healing techniques as well as a certified co-facilitator of the Charon System of Integration.


Affiliated Practitioners


Tony Tavares
Plainville, MA
Respiratory Therapist/Alternative Care Practitioner Pain and Anxiety Specialist
Tony Tavares is a Respiratory Therapist and Holistic Health Practitioner. He uses a variety of energy healing techniques that include Chi Gong, Reiki, Therapeutic Chi Gong, Tui Na pronounced TWEE NA, Acupressure, Tong Ren, Hypnosis, Breath Work, Meditation, Guided Visual Imagery, EFT, NLP (Neuro linguistic Programming). All of these techniques are designed to do one thing.......remove the blockage, “when we remove the blockage the body can go on to heal itself”. Tony also offers classes in Chi Gong, EFT, The Laws of Attraction, Reiki, Stress and Anxiety, Meditation and more. Although he specializes in anxiety, stress, and pain relief, he has had great success with fibromyalgia / chronic fatigue, Lyme disease and a host of serious illnesses such as cancer and MS. He is the host of the Radio Talk Show "Healing Thoughts and Energy" and is available to speak at conferences and seminars. For more information email Tony atMiraclesofChi@comcast.net or go to his website at www.thechi-center.com.


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